October 03 2018


Website update V6.5 (Halloween update) released. New Temp halloween logo, overlay, background. New Members desk overlay and layout.

AUGUST 07 2018-


Club meetings have been moved back to Arkwright town Miners welfare club.

JUNE 07 2018-


The new owners of the New Bath Hotel are installing "No Parking" notices on the overflow parking spot. This is not aimed at cavers but the general public who are using this space for BBQ’s, leaving rubbish, etc. Cavers are informally advised to avoid this parking area for a few weeks until it calms down and then the hotel will issue a temporary permit for cavers to collect from reception

Please take note of this and if you really must use this parking area in the next few weeks, please go and ask at the hotel reception.

Pete Knight, DCA Projects / PICA

28 2018-


(From the Peak Cavern key holders)

We have had a report that the bung ladder may be damaged and unusable and people should plan their trips accordingly. The bottom two rungs are missing and until the water levels recede it is difficult to determine the stability of the remaining rungs.

We are closely monitoring the water levels and will do our best to get accurate and up to date information on the condition of the ladder as soon as it is available.

You can still safely visit either end of the Bung ladder by whatever route you choose to get there.

DECEMBER 08 2017-

1. High CO2 levels have been reported in Water Icicle, Knotlow, and Lathkill Upper Entrance. This tends to mean low oxygen as well. Be warned! (The Knotlow record mainly concerns the Waterfall Pitch area, as usual).

2. JH Mine. All anchors are been inspected and overhauled. 5 new ones have been installed, and warning red ties placed on some older ones - some are in suspect rock and the original  Hilti resin isn't up to today's standard.

3. Suicide Cave. Again, don't go past the first pitch. The third pitch is probably to be condemned completely, at least until the dodgy rock is under-pinned.

4 Bradwell, including Bagshawe Cavern. Concern about possible pollution from waste at Moss Rake Quarry. Probably not toxic but if you notice, e.g. "milky" water, the Environment Agency want to hear pronto.

5. Following closure of H+H, an improved replacement for is being developed and moved to the DCA website. It'll include revised "micro-guides", topos, access maps, and entrance photos.

NOVEMBER 16 2017-


The DCA have issued a warning due to concerning high co2 levels in Water icicle, Hillocks mine and Knotlow . Cavers are advised to be cautious as a caver has recently had to be rescued suffering with weakness and exhaustion which has been put down to bad air.

NOVEMBER 14 2017-


To reach out to more people, Chesterfield caving club now has their own Instagram page with regular updates. Go follow our adventures!

NOVEMBER 08 2017-


We are please to announce that Chesterfield Caving Club website is now available and fully functional on mobile and smartphone devices.

NOVEMBER 05 2017-


Club chat is a custom chat room/ platform. Now available only on the members page.

Chat, Plan and Enjoy!